Statement of Support from Faculty and Staff Union @ NJIT

The PSA/AAUP is the largest union at NJIT representing more than 700 faculty, professional staff, and university lecturers.  You may not know it, but you likely work with our members on a daily basis.  Our members include Associate Deans, Department Chairpersons, full-time instructors, faculty program directors, department administrators, and other professional staff from departments like financial aid and academic computing.

The PSA has been in existence since the early 1970’s and remains a strong and effective unit.  The PSA negotiates the terms and conditions of employment for its members with the administration.  The PSA/AAUP has been successful at negotiating competitive pay and benefits for our members.  Most recently, the PSA successfully negotiated an agreement, covering the period through June 30, 2011, that includes pay increases, and improves job security for many of our members.

The PSA/AAUP serves as an advocate and voice for its members.  The collective agreement allows for basic workplace expectations and entitles its members to due process.  The PSA works hard to achieve the best results for its members and ultimately for the good of the university. Because the PSA/AAUP and its members have experienced first-hand the benefits of collective bargaining, we would support an NJIT group seeking representation and the entitlements of a voice in the workplace.  Together, we all can make a positive difference.

The PSA/AAUP. Approved: April 1, 2010.