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We Have A Tentative Agreement

In the final hours of the last day of the Fall semester, we reached a tentative agreement on a union contract covering adjunct instructors at NJIT. We went right down to the wire pushing for the most we could get, and are proud of our accomplishments for this first contract, which will technically start on July 1, 2017 and expire on June 30, 2019.

The economic improvements in the contract are substantial for most members and will begin this semester (Spring 2018). Any adjunct contract already signed will be automatically adjusted to reflect the new salary minimum of $1,500 per credit, as well as other new terms and conditions of employment. Adjunct instructors will now have access to a strong grievance procedure and union representation should any disputes arise in the course of their employment.

Some of our proudest accomplishments in the contract include:
· Significant increases to the adjunct per credit minimum rising to $1,500 for Spring 2018 and then to $1,550 per credit hour for Fall of 2018,
· Those currently above the minimum will receive a $300 bonus in Spring 2018 and a 2% increase for Fall 2018,
· 50% tuition remission for classes at NJIT,
· A $10,000 Professional Development Fund for adjuncts to reimburse travel and professional expenses,
· Internal posting and full consideration in applying for full time University Lecturer positions,
· Recognition and protection of academic freedom in the classroom,
· Orientations for adjunct instructors,
· Movement towards guaranteed office space and work resources,
· A joint committee to continue negotiating over long term contracts, adjunct healthcare, promotions, evaluations, and career advancement.

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Download full tentative agreement (3 mb .pdf) >>

The next step involves adjunct instructors Adjunct instructors participating in the ratification vote, after a review of the contract’s terms. Join the union now and voting information will be made available shortly.

We want to recognize the Bargaining Team members and UCAN officers who volunteered their time over the past six months to achieve what we think is a historic and ground-breaking contract for NJIT’s adjunct instructors. Thank you to all of our members who participated in the organizing drive over the last year and came out on campus for actions and meetings to push this forward. Adjuncts at NJIT now possess a stable and permanent organization which will act as a strong advocate for adjunct instructors moving forward. And while we didn’t win all of what we wanted, we wholeheartedly recommend that you ratify this agreement so we can continue working to improve the wages and conditions for adjunct instructors at NJIT.