2019- 2022 Adjunct Tentative Agreement

Takeaway: We have a new union contract but it must first be approved by union members. The new contract 1) raises wages to $5500 per course by Fall 2021. 2) Increases professional development funds for all Adjunct faculty represented under the contract. 3) provides for sick time for all members.

You can view the 2019-2022 adjunct tentative agreement here.

NJIT and UCAN (our adjunct union) have reached a tentative agreement, after months of bargaining, on a second adjunct contract that significantly bridges the salary gap with Rutgers. This new contract makes gains that bridge the payment gap between what we are paid for our work at NJIT and the work of our counterparts at Rutgers. When this agreement ends in 2022, the per credit/contact our wage gap with Rutgers will only be $83.
Other gains in the new agreement include:

  • New language outlining a uniform evaluation procedure that goes beyond just student evaluations.
  • Compensation increases, up from the current $1550, that include retroactive payment
    • Fall 2019: $1600 per contact/credit hour.
    • Fall 2020: $1725 per contact/credit hour.
    • Fall 2021: $1850 per contact/credit hour.
    • Unit members making above these minimums will receive a 3% increase to their base credit/contact hour rate each year listed above.
  • Cancellation fees for courses that are cancelled within seven days before or after a semester has begun.
  • Increases to the Professional Development Fund – $30,000 per year, up from $10,000. UCAN unit members have access to funds, up to $1,000, that can be used for conferences and travel and now can also be used in conjunction with already bargained tuition remission of 50%.
  • 8 hours of sick leave that can be used in hourly increments.
  • Strengthening of grievance procedures.
  • A commitment to work together on health insurance for adjuncts.

The full details of the contract are detailed in the tentative agreement.