Postdocs, adjunct faculty, and doctoral student RA/TAs at NJIT are eligible to join UCAN as members by completing the membership application.  We teach most classes at NJIT and many of the university’s labs run because of the work that we do.  Together, we are powerful!

UCAN is a fully independent union democratically run and funded by its members through dues, which are currently 1.25% of pay.  Our independence from any outside funding gives us full autonomy over the direction of our union.  Members have the right to run for union officer positions, to elect colleagues as officers of UCAN, to have a say in contract negotiations with NJIT, to vote to approve or disapprove agreements with NJIT, and vote to set dues amounts.  Some committees (e.g. elections committee, bargaining committee, etc.) require that you are a member to participate.

Dues pay for our staff to support the day-to-day work of enforcing our union contract, for legal advice, for UCAN’s social events, for equipment and materials, for our website, for union t-shirts, buttons, and other organizational expenses.

Our collective power has led to substantial improvements in pay and benefits through member activism & contract negotiations:

  • Adjunct faculty wages have improved about $2000/contact hour since UCAN was organized.  NJIT gave no raises for 12 years prior to UCAN!  Wages have gone up every year under new contracts.
  • Doctoral students gained summer pay, full healthcare premium coverage, pay improvements and elimination of GSA & international fees, postdocs have won wage increases.
  • All members have gained the right to union representation and support throughout our employment at NJIT.
  • Teams of adjunct, postdoc, and doctoral student members have put forward strong demands in current 2022-2023 contract negotiations for substantial further improvements for all of us.

Q: How do I become a member?

A: If you are postdoc, adjunct, or doctoral RA/TA, to become a member you must complete a Membership Application.

Join the Union

Now is the time to join the United Council of Academics at NJIT. You can complete the membership application online.

Q: What are the benefits of membership?

A: Membership allows you to participate in everything from contract ratification and elections of officers, to general membership meetings and special American Federation of Teachers (AFT) conferences on higher education.  Your membership shows that you are committed to your career, professional development and professional issues NJIT.  Additionally, members have access to a variety of discounted benefits programs offered by AFT Plus such as supplemental medical insurance, auto insurance and more.

Q: Will my contact information it be shared with any third-party vendors?

A:  No. Your contact information must be kept on file with UCAN, AFT and the AFL-CIO to receive communications regarding your membership.

Q: Why do I have to pay membership dues?

A: Membership dues are essential to the general operations of UCAN.  Just like a small business, UCAN has administrative costs like legal fees, computers and any other expenses required to properly represent TAs, RAs, adjuncts, and research staff at NJIT.  Representation includes negotiating contracts, handling grievances, and effectively communicating with members about workplace issues.  Your dues also allow UCAN to become a chartered local of the AFT and an affiliate of the AFL-CIO.